@ The Africa Fashion Week

Held on May 31, 2017

I am honoured and delighted to be associated with Africa Fashion Week, an organisation that has proven over the years that the renaissance of Intellectual Property Rights is the modern-day black gold.

It is without gainsaying that Africa Fashion Week has been the best proponent and greatest advocate for Nigerian and African fashion in recent times, evidence abound in support of this assertion.

As your Chairman and a proud one at that, I am not unaware of AFW’s creative efforts in re-launching Nigeria and African fashion on the global pedestal, your efforts has ensured that African governments now take intellectual property rights more seriously; creative entrepreneurs no longer feed from hand-to-mouth; the ingenuity of the backers of AFW has created a whole new economy in an economy where before now, the creative industry was a deadweight loss.

I can conveniently and confidently say I have globetrot the world, I know of major global cities whose primary income and trade is solely defined by their fashion industry; these cities attract mega-super stars, high net-worth individuals, Royals, and many other global very important personalities all with the singular aim of maximizing the potentials of the fashion world; this is the power and influence fashion brings to cities that respects and protects the creative rights in intellectual property.

By this, these cities and some countries create and sustain zero unemployment thereby increasing the tax intake of their home government; balance of payment equilibrium is always positive against that of trading partners which in turn boosts the housing market, agriculture industry, electronics and software sector, and every facet of life, spiralling into a positive multiplier effect only societies that revere creativity enjoys.

For these reasons, I enjoin government at all levels to partner Africa Fashion Week and like bodies, because to do so will be highly advantageous in jump-starting our recessed economy and creation of burgeoning creative entrepreneurs.

HRM, Oba S.A. Elegushi (Kusenla III)
King of Ikateland, Lagos.

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