@ the 80th Birthday of HRM Oba Abiodun Oniru (JP)

Held on August 16, 2017

Let me begin by thanking the children of His Royal Majesty, Oba Abiodun Oniru JP, who graciously shared their father with a community that loved him; to friends of HRM, colleagues, protégés, and all who considered him an outstanding force; to the men of the Intrepid; to all his well-wishers; I am honoured to pay tribute to a King who still chronicles our time at 80 years of age.

I know HRM personally; nonetheless, I do not claim to know him any better than the tens of scores who turned to him each day and night in search of genuine counsel.  But like them and like most people I know around HRM, I have benefited (and still benefit) from his dogged pursuit of the truth, his passionate defense of objectivity, and his view that royalty is more than just a crown; it is a celestial calling vital to public good and rule of law.

Oba Abiodun Oniru has never been afraid to rattle the high and mighty, because he is never willing to compromise his integrity.  He got along with elected officials; He shares a complicated relationship with politicians, who wanted him on their side even as they were convinced that HRM’s side was that of the majority.

Your Majesty, you have lived your life all with one mission:  to make it come alive for the rest of us.

You remain the voice of certainty in Lagos State, an attribute you earned by year after year and decade after decade of painstaking effort and a commitment to fundamental values with which you have defined your lifetime.

King Idowu Oniru, you have become an indispensable pillar of our society.

Therefore, it is only natural to accord you a grandeur celebration at 80.

On behalf of my family and kingdom, I pray that you enjoy longevity; in sound mind; in good health; in wisdom, all in the comfort of your children’s children.

Happy Birthday Oba Idowu Abiodun Oniru, JP, (Akiogun II).

Yours truly,

HRM, Alaiyeluwa Oba S. A. Elegushi (Kusenla III)

King of Ikateland & Environs

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