A Day In The Life Of The King

His Royal Majesty’s offices are located within the Royal Palace. A typical day starts with breakfast and going though newspapers to keep abreast of the state of the nation and the world. He then proceeds to his office to review his schedule and attend to correspondents with his secretary. His schedule is usually filled with meetings with internal and external stakeholders. If he does not have engagements outside the palace, he attends to visitors and subjects in the period.

He holds regular court with his chiefs and Baales to deliberate, give reports and update him on the state of affairs within the communities and the Kingdom as a whole. Based on the reports, the King will intervene on any matters or issues that can only be resolved by him. The King also makes time out to attend to his personal businesses.

He actively participates in functions within the Kingdom especially festivals and milestone celebration of subjects. He supports community welfare and development activities. His official engagements take him across the globe and he is forever promoting Nigerian culture and the nation as a whole.

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